Richard Serra on Charlie Rose

45:01 – Serra on Tilted Arc:

“It made me think that there is a world of politics out there that has nothing to do with art, that can use you as fodder by changing people’s beliefs about who you are and what you are doing merely by distorting information.”


Andy Warhol Bridge in Pittsburgh blanketed in over 600 knittings


A multicolored arrangement of hundreds of hand-knit and hand-crocheted blankets sweater the exterior of the andy warhol bridge in pittsburgh. knit-the-bridge called on over 1,800 volunteers and team members to help sew vibrant, patterned canvasses that cover the bridge’s entire facade. Draped over its sides, towers and main cables are unique rectangular panels, each made by a different artist, bearing a distinct pattern, motif, and chroma. the handles of the pedestrian walkway have been fitted with crocheted sections, and the tower required the special assistance of technical workers, who cloaked the industrial cables with a selection of handmade art. The election of the Andy Warhol bridge as the host for the installation was a fitting celebration of art — it is the only overpass in the united states that is named for a visual artist. The participatory project, which was made possible by the Fiberarts Guild of pittsburgh as part of its current triennial exhibition, will remain on the bridge until september 7th, 2013 after which the blanket panels will be cleaned and donated to homeless shelters, senior citizen centers and animal rescue groups.

For more pics:

Free Downloads/Software for beginner-level 3D printing

Sculpture 2/3: If possible, please download the Makerbot and Autodesk software to your personal laptops/devices by our class meeting on 2/26.
Makerbot Desktop Bundle: easy interface for printing objects/designs
Autodesk 123D Design: program for designing/modifying objects
Thingiverse: a resource for downloading/uploading designs
And this is an extra download that could be helpful…
Autodesk 123D Make: specializes in translating digital to physical..

System: Definition


A set of interacting or interdependent components forming an integrated whole.

• Systems have a structure defined by their individual components; these
components dictate the composition of the whole.
• Systems have interconnectivity; the various parts of a system have
functional as well as structural relationships to one another.
• Systems often have a set of rules that govern structure (how it comes
together) and behavior

Example:Lee Walton’s sports-based drawings:


Context: definition

context: the set of circumstances or facts that surround a particular event, situation, etc.

(from Merriam Webster)



Sculpture I: Yarn Bomb

“Yarn Bomb/Site Specificity”
Part One: Crochet a 6″x6″ square HW Due Tuesday 4/7, Site Analysis: Due Thursday 4/2
Step 1: Scout 3 potential locations for your yarn bomb (bring a tape measure, camera, pen, and sketchbook). It can be anywhere, within a reasonable walking distance from Trahern. Think about the meaning of the chosen location, ask yourself “Why here?” Take a photograph of the locations for your records…and to share with us. Take measurements of the area and record them in your sketchbook. Pay attention to the color and tone of surfaces at your location. Do you want your piece to stand-out and be noticed…or to blend-in?
For Thursday: Bring your location research and materials to begin your project. Be prepared to present your research and ideas to the class. Please upload images to the D2L dropbox before the our next class meeting. Based on Thursday’s discussion you will write your site analysis over the weekend. (Thursday 4/2).