SYSTEMS: installation proposal

3 QUESTIONS (3 paragraphs):

What are you installing? Describe the formal qualities of your piece in detail covering the
following attributes:
■ texture
■ form
■ size
■ color

Describe your System. How was the piece constructed?
○ name your individual unit (ex. plastic spoon)
○ introduce your system (how does it work, what are the rules that
govern the structure of the whole?)

How will it be installed? Describe your installation plan
■ what hardware or tactics will you use to install your piece?
■ what special tools or equipment will you need to do so?
■ in what ways will the piece interact with it’s environment?
● light
● space
● viewer experience/interaction?

Peter Root

Sonya Clark

“Clark’s work … is about identity-not just about race, but about the more universal identity of the soul.”
—Beverly Gordon, Fiberart


Creative re-use: a toy car in Cameroon

El Anatsui

El Anatsui creates large yet intricate tapestries out of bottle caps and other common detritus. (for more info and images follow this link)






Introducing – 3D Design, Systems Project

System: Definition


A set of interacting or interdependent components forming an integrated whole.

• Systems have a structure defined by their individual components; these
components dictate the composition of the whole.
• Systems have interconnectivity; the various parts of a system have
functional as well as structural relationships to one another.
• Systems often have a set of rules that govern structure (how it comes
together) and behavior

Example:Lee Walton’s sports-based drawings:

Tara Donovan

Tara Donovan develops sculptural systems. This image is a detail from her installation Untitled, 2003. Materials: white styrofoam cups and hot glue.

(follow this link to an interview with Tara Donovan)

(her ACE Gallery website)

2009 August Summer NYC Set 2 -  Tara Donovan’s untitled sculpture -Lever House - Park Avenue

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