Selected Stop-Motion Animations by 3D students (with original sound composed by Electronic Imaging students)

Sculpture 1 – Student Exbibition: Mutation/Adaptation/Hybrid

Currently on view in Trahern’s Living Gallery: Mutation, Adaptation, Hybrid

And here are a few images from the exhibition (more to come):















“Bobby Pin Object” by 3D Design student Heather Trumbo


Negative Space Still Life exhibition

Stop by Trahern’s Living Gallery to view plaster works by 3D Design students. (thru 9/30)

Selected works:

Laura Praseutkoun

Dennis Roman

Maureasha Utley

James Youhouse

Jana Gilbert

Nicole Santoyo

Jacob Fehser

Tylen Jordan

Karen Yuhas

Heather Trumbo

Kaleb Brannan

Lee Miller

Lyndsay Evetts

Dennis Roman

Nicole Santoyo

Drawing in Space – Week 2: projected light and shadow

Works in progress by 3D students Billijo Smith, Amanda Miller, and Kaleb Brannan:




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