Tools and Materials for Moldmaking and Plaster

Plaster tools and supplies:

– extra small bottle of WD-40
– 2 and 1/2 quart mixing bucket
– 2 Thin plastic (7-8 mm) drop cloths (hardware store)
– Fine 400-600 grit Wet/Dry sandpaper pack (hardware store)
– Clay tools (fabricated, found, or purchased), small sponge, pin tool, ribs
– N95 particulate respirator mask (hardware store)
– Sur Forms: size aprox. 2” by 1 ½” and 6” by 1 ½” (found in the tool section of the hardware store near saws/clamps/files)

Attn 3D: Where to buy wire for crochet online?

Goodwill Outlet Store – Nashville


Remet Casting Solutions, Utica, NY: Wax supplier for mold making and casting

Smooth-Sil® 940 Silcone Rubber (Suitable For Food-Related Applications)

Where to find tools, materials, and safety gear locally?

Bill’s Wholesale: specializing in tools, hardware, housewares, gift items and electronics (with many items less expensive than larger chain stores).

Hardware City:  locally owned hardware store with friendly staff and a variety of goods.

Orgain Building Supply: carries a variety of supplies including plate glass, plaster and hydrocal. Located at 65 Commerce Street, Clarksville, TN, (931) 647-1567

Habitat for Humanity ReStore:  a relatively inexpensive source for architectural salvage, furniture and, at varying times, they could have raw materials such as paint, sheet rubber, glass, etc.

Lowes Home Improvement: two Clarksville locations (1622 Madison Street and 2150 Lowes Drive) this mega-store is a place to wander through the aisles with no particular agenda. By paying attention to an assortment of hardware, piping, anchors, etc…you may find the perfect item(s) for sculptural applications.

Where to locate and order materials online?

Smooth-On: a comprehensive website for everything related to mold-making and casting, Re-Bound 25 brush-on silicone rubber and Algi-Safe brand silca-free alginate are two great products for creating multiples and life-casting.
McMaster Carr: everything.

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