SYSTEMS: installation proposal

3 QUESTIONS (3 paragraphs):

What are you installing? Describe the formal qualities of your piece in detail covering the
following attributes:
■ texture
■ form
■ size
■ color

Describe your System. How was the piece constructed?
○ name your individual unit (ex. plastic spoon)
○ introduce your system (how does it work, what are the rules that
govern the structure of the whole?)

How will it be installed? Describe your installation plan
■ what hardware or tactics will you use to install your piece?
■ what special tools or equipment will you need to do so?
■ in what ways will the piece interact with it’s environment?
● light
● space
● viewer experience/interaction?

Jonas Lindberg and Jenny Hillenbrand “Bootin’ Around”




Tara Donovan

Tara Donovan develops sculptural systems. This image is a detail from her installation Untitled, 2003. Materials: white styrofoam cups and hot glue.

(follow this link to an interview with Tara Donovan)

(her ACE Gallery website)

2009 August Summer NYC Set 2 -  Tara Donovan’s untitled sculpture -Lever House - Park Avenue

Crochet Tutorials

The basics on crochet techniques…

This site is an excellent resource and includes step-by-step instructions:
And here are some other references:

How to Crochet: Single Crochet Stitch from pumashock on Vimeo.


How to Crochet: Triple Crochet Stitch from pumashock on Vimeo.


3D Design: Create an imaginary box for specific contents

Today: We will look at this exhibition “Freeing the Line” and specifically the work of JOELLE TUERLINCKX as we design imaginary containers for real objects:
The exhibit:
“Freeing the Line” at Marian Goodman Gallery, 2006

Loie Fuller – “Danse Serpentine” 1896

Elizabeth King

Chris Staley: Body as Vessel

Das Triadische Ballet


Introducing 3D Design: Body Extension

imgres-1Today we introduce your next project: Body Extension. With this assignment, we will look at artists working sculpturally with the body. We will discuss strategies for building lightweight structures to be worn. Your homework is to arrive to our class meeting with a project and /or several ideas already underway, as well as, enough materials to continue working in class. I will conduct individual meetings throughout.

This project is a mixed media assignment lasting approximately 3 weeks with a critique scheduled for the last week of October. You are invited to work with any material(s) you deem appropriate to execute your idea. Your final piece must be worn and/or interactive for the critique.

We will begin with a short preparatory group workshop/project called “One Minute Sculptures” inspired by the work of Erwin Wurm. In addition to other supplies, please arrive prepared with a camera and several object “props” to work with for our next class meeting.

Systems Proposal Example

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