“ghosts” a senior exhibition by Laura Praseutkoun opens 9/28/2015


A Statement about ghosts by Laura Praseutkoun:

Hair on a shower ledge. A wet towel hanging. Folds formed in fabric. A body covered in felt. An empty bed. Clothes on the floor. These are the remnants of us that linger.

This series is a study of my relationship with my girlfriend Calloway. In our shared space I explore domesticity, intimacy, and the lines between independence and codependence.

The photographs and videos in this exhibition frequently use a first-person perspective in an effort to place the viewer within my environment. In many ways the work functions as a self-portrait. Initially, I created this work as a personal reflection. I wanted to record every aspect of our daily interaction with the intent to analyze and deconstruct it. Eventually ghosts became a body of work that is centered on the security provided by a long-term relationship. This sense of comfort is displayed through obscure moments taken from our life together; captured and re-framed.

With the notion that every relationship is different, there is the common thread of being selfless when loving someone else. In my relationship with Calloway, personal sacrifices turn into moments of solidarity between the two of us. Our relationship is both romantic and platonic. This project is about being in love and it captures the mood of our home. When constructing ghosts I wanted to create a narrative for the viewer that felt as if they were present in these moments. Like many relationships, ours is a journey of self-discovery and togetherness contrasted by instances of emotional solitude and isolation.

I staged this work in a domestic environment because my home is where I feel free from a politicized view of myself, my relationship, and my queerness. I chose to not contextualize this work in terms of queer politics because it is more about escape. Being in a personal space and having full control over my environment is empowering. At home Calloway and I have an understanding.

The title ghosts alludes to fragments of life and moments that have faded. It also relates to the complexity of emotions felt within a solitary space. Ultimately this work is about feeling safe at home. Calloway and I experience separate realities outside of the walls of our apartment. We face the world alone each day.

Images from the opening 9/28/2015:













Linda Lopez exhibition opening in Nashville THIS SATURDAY

Linda Lopez: Tooth, Bark, and the Laws of Contact
September 5th-26th – Opening Reception September 5th, 6-9pm

COOP Gallery is pleased to present “Linda Lopez: Tooth, Bark, and the Laws of Contact,” an exhibition continuing Lopez’s investigation into ways of considering the lives, histories, and emotions of the mundane objects we encounter daily. In these mixed-media works, colorful and poetic vignettes populate the gallery space—each composition a carefully orchestrated scene of Lopez’s invented domestic characters where she explores the relationship between subject and object.

Lopez says of the work, “These observations present abstracted instances of connectivity in past encounters between ourselves and objects. I am searching for an intangible affinity that captures the communication between people and things. In this realm, logic is lost, objects are personified, perception is everchanging,and things become their true self.”

The Coop Gallery is located in Arcade building in downtown Nashville. DIRECTIONS TO THE ARCADE GALLERY FROM APSU: Link