Sculpture 2/3: Wolfgang Laib

Attn 3D: Where to buy wire for crochet online?

Audiovisual installation for 15 differently tuned pianos..

Thinking about line in space…

Invisible/Visible (Sculpture 2/3: Project 1)

For this project we will think about what it means to blend, be invisible, camouflaged. The solution to this assignment could involve making the “visible – invisible” OR making something “invisible – visible.”

Definition of invisible in English: From the Oxford English Dictionary
1. Unable to be seen; not visible to the eye:
“this invisible gas is present to some extent in every home”

Example Sentences:
1.1Concealed from sight; hidden:
he lounged in a doorway, invisible in the dark
1.2Treated as if unable to be seen; ignored or not taken into consideration:
before 1971, women artists were pretty well invisible

Definition of Camouflage:
a : the disguising especially of military equipment or installations with paint, nets, or foliage; also : the disguise so applied
a : concealment by means of disguise
b : behavior or artifice designed to deceive or hide





Sculpture 2/3 Assignment 1: Getting to know you


Pick a partner. Interview them using the questions below. We will spend Wednesday’s class on interviews (1/27). Make a PDF or Keynote presentation that uses their answers to these questions (Homework!). Be ready to present their work on Monday 2/1. Bring a flash drive. Presentations will only be accepted in a pdf or keynote format on a flash drive at the beginning of class. NO PREZIS!!

Your presentation should be 5 minutes long. It should include at least five images of the artist’s work. These images will supplement the artist’s answers to the interview questions.

Your homework for Wednesday is to bring images of your best work on a flash drive to share with your partner during class. If you have a laptop, you should bring that also.
Sample Interview Questions:

Where are you from?

Why are you here?

What is something that we should know about you?

How did you first become interested in making ART!?

What is your work about? What themes do you find yourself returning to over and over again? Are you interested in stylistic continuity? or experimentation? (are these mutually exclusive?)

What do you consider to be your artistic strengths?

What do you consider to be your weaknesses?

In order to provide us with a context for thinking about your work, what artists or movements in art history inform your practice?

How does your work relate to that of practicing contemporary artists? Name a few that you look to for inspiration.

Please share your ideas about how the media, materials, or processes that interest you relate to the concepts or ideas evident in your work?

What are your long-term goals for your work and your life?

Does your work draw heavily from your own life?

Do you start out with a concrete concept or idea for how your piece will be, or do you create as you go?

How heavily do you research before starting a piece?

What do you do when you feel like you’re lacking in ideas/the desire to make art?

Do your family and friends support what you do? Do you feel that you have a support network in place?

Do you have a specific goal for how the viewer sees your work/ experiences your work?

What are some strategies that you use for responding to material/process/concept throughout the act of making?

Declare something. What is your manifesto?

Other questions?…

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