Richard Serra on Charlie Rose

45:01 – Serra on Tilted Arc:

“It made me think that there is a world of politics out there that has nothing to do with art, that can use you as fodder by changing people’s beliefs about who you are and what you are doing merely by distorting information.”


Richard Serra and the Tilted Arc controversy – 1981

tilted arc


‘Open House’ In York, Alabama Turns Abandoned Home Into Pop-Up Theater

Sculpture 1: Schedule for the Sign Project: Personal Geographies

This week: Everyone learns the drill, the miter saw + box, the band saw, and the drill press. Everyone learns the fundamentals of pre-drilling, choosing the right screw, clamping, and the murphy’s oil trick.

Discuss designs: individual meetings, group talks

Discuss strategies: dividing the group into “stations” with factory-like precision.

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