Introducing- Hoax (Sculpt 1: Project 3)

Skills: The Hoax Project will involve intermediate to advanced mold-making strategies.

Concepts:The Hoax Project is about simulation, replication, and believability. We will discuss ideas associated with the production of sculptural replicas. We will also learn how to construct situations. There will be a specific focus on the viewer’s experience, both in person and through documentation.

The Hoax Project will continue an ongoing conversation about the role of CONTEXT in the production and viewing of sculpture.

The Hoax Project: 3 Steps:

1. Step one will be to create a believable replica of an original object using a variety of mold-making strategies. (Weeks 1 and 2)
2. Step two will be to place the “believable” object in a “believable” situation. (Week 3)
3. Step three will be to document and submit your “hoax” image. The critique of this project will involve both the actual object and the documented image of the object in a setting or environment.(Week 4)

soccer ball and chain
Dylan Palmer, Soccer Ball and Chain, 2008, Archival Inkjet Print 20″ x 30″
Chris Taylor, Bubble Wrap, 2010; glass; 2.3 x 4 x 1.5 ft.
Beginning Friday 1/29:
Brainstorm ideas for your hoax, collect objects for moldmaking

We will begin with producing life-casts using alginate and will primarily work with non-toxic materials for the duration of the project.

Preliminary Materials List:
1. If you are interested in molding a porous object, you will need to purchase a sealant such as shellac or clear polyurethane.
2. One or several materials for casting your object: wax, plaster, cement, soap, sugar, jello..
3. Carving tools.
4. Paints (optional)

SYSTEMS: installation proposal

3 QUESTIONS (3 paragraphs):

What are you installing? Describe the formal qualities of your piece in detail covering the
following attributes:
■ texture
■ form
■ size
■ color

Describe your System. How was the piece constructed?
○ name your individual unit (ex. plastic spoon)
○ introduce your system (how does it work, what are the rules that
govern the structure of the whole?)

How will it be installed? Describe your installation plan
■ what hardware or tactics will you use to install your piece?
■ what special tools or equipment will you need to do so?
■ in what ways will the piece interact with it’s environment?
● light
● space
● viewer experience/interaction?