Risk Assessment by Amber Briggs opens in Gallery 108

Please join us for the opening reception for “Risk Assessment” by Amber Briggs on September 8 from 4 – 6 p.m. in Gallery 108. Briggs is a recipient of a 2015 Department of Art & Design Student Summer Research Award.

About the Student Summer Research Award

The Student Summer Research Award is sponsored by the Austin Peay State University Department of Art & Design and the Center of Excellence in the Creative Arts. It was established to create opportunities for selected art students to conduct studio research during the summer when they might not be registered for classes. The award provides $2500 to two students who propose a well conceived and intriguing body of work.

Amber Briggs used the funds to create a body of collaborative works based on her family dynamic. In her proposal she stated “Truly at the heart of this motivation are motherhood and my relationship with my four year old son, Parker”. She is inspired by her son’s creativity and way of looking at the world.

A statement by the artist:

“How did I become so keenly aware of sharp corners, electrical outlets, and ways to injure oneself? I am a mother.My attempts to manage or lessen these risks make clear to me the reality – so much is out of my control. This exhibition stands as a document and examination of my response to these risks.

I took many visual cues from my son, Parker. I was inspired by the simplicity of the formal and material qualities in his own art. I used his creative practice, rooted in curiosity and collecting, as a foundation for making.

This “experiment in awareness” is not solely limited to motherhood. Risk is present wherever we find something precious.”














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