3D Design: Manifesto HW

manifesto: a written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer

We will look at examples of artist manifestos in class today. Your HW for Monday 11/28 is to write your own “Manifesto for Making” based on your experiences this semester.

Your manifesto must be submitted to the folder labeled “Manifestos” in D2L prior to the beginning of class on Monday (please include your name on the document). In addition, you are required to bring a hard copy of your manifesto to class that day and present it to us as a group. Everyone will present their manifesto in class on Monday 11/28.

Your manifesto can be written in paragraph or list format and should define what is important to you:

– Think about why you make art/design
– Strategize new ways that you will face the challenges ahead
– What is your vision? for your work? for your life? For the intersection of the two?

Your manifesto can be bold and wild in its statements or subtle and centered in the present. That is up to you. You must have 10 to 12 points in the final version.

Manifesto Example:sentences-on-conceptual-art

More examples of manifestos: http://www.1000manifestos.com/category/art/

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