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Crochet Tutorials

The basics on crochet techniques…

This site is an excellent resource and includes step-by-step instructions:
And here are some other references:

How to Crochet: Single Crochet Stitch from pumashock on Vimeo.


How to Crochet: Triple Crochet Stitch from pumashock on Vimeo.


David Lynch: Where Great Ideas Come From

Amanda McCavour’s Thread Drawings

Amanda McCavour creates stunning “thread drawings” using fabric that dissolves in water.

Orly Genger at Madison Square Park, NYC, May 2 – Sept 8, 2013

3D Design: Create an imaginary box for specific contents

Today: We will look at this exhibition “Freeing the Line” and specifically the work of JOELLE TUERLINCKX as we design imaginary containers for real objects:
The exhibit:
“Freeing the Line” at Marian Goodman Gallery, 2006

Annet Couwenberg

3D: Crochet hook + Yarn for Fri 9/2


Ruth Asawa

One of the most under-recognized and influential sculptors of the 20th century, Ruth Asawa, passed away on August 5th, 2013. She is best known for her intricately constructed wire abstractions.


“I was interested in it because of the economy of a line, making something in space, enclosing it without blocking it out…It’s still transparent. I realized that if I was going to make these forms, which interlock and interweave, it can only be done with a line because a line can go anywhere.”

A link to her NY Times obituary:


Arthur Ganson: Kinetic Sculptures

Chris Taylor Lecture

One Minute Sculpture Workshop 8/24

968835-5069377 - Christopher Kelley- Aug 24, 2016 421 PM - image

968835-5069377 - Christopher Kelley- Aug 24, 2016 421 PM - image(1)

968835-5069377 - Christopher Kelley- Aug 24, 2016 421 PM - image(2)

2175397-5069377 - Xavier Nieves- Aug 24, 2016 419 PM - 20160824_152451

2429108-5069377 - Katarina Navarro- Aug 24, 2016 415 PM - 20160824_151432

924385-5069377 - Aaron Schmittou- Aug 24, 2016 432 PM - 20160824_163002

Pablo Picasso’s light drawings, 1949






David Smith’s Australia

David Roland Smith (March 9, 1906 – May 23, 1965) was an American Abstract Expressionist sculptor and painter, best known for creating large steel abstract geometric sculptures.

Australia, 1951


E.V. Day

Jean Shin

Erwin Wurm’s One-Minute Sculptures

Austrian artist Erwin Wurm’s (b. 1954) One Minute Sculptures are equal parts sculpture, performance, and image. Here is an interview with Wurm about the series.

“If you approach things with a sense of humor,” the artist says, “people immediately assume you’re not to be taken seriously. But I think truths about society and human existence can be approached in different ways. You don’t always have to be deadly serious. Sarcasm and humor can help you see things in a lighter vein.”









Sculpture I students: for our next class meeting, bring as many props as possible for an in-class “One-Minute Sculpture” workshop, as well as, a camera (preferred) or camera phone for documentation.

Spontaneity will be rewarded: “First thought, best thought”

Sculpture I Syllabus: Fall 2016

3D Design Syllabus – Fall 2016

Tom Sachs: Working to Code

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